150 years of WHBC church history was celebrated on November 11, 2006. The West Hampden Baptist Church, possibly founded as a successor to the Second Hampden Baptist Church, was declared a Church on this day, November 11, 1856. From the beginning of its history, godly brothers and sisters in Christ were desirous of having a Church in West Hampden. Twelve original members were voted unanimously to organize as the West Hampden Baptist Church.  

From this beginning the Church began to grow. In the course of 150 years, (as of 2006), 552 people have called WHBC their church home. 

The clerk's journals reflect 33 pastors from the beginning to present day.  While many of these men and women were called to Pastor the Church, not all of them were full time pastors. Some shared a pastorate with other area churches, some served during WWI, and others were pulpit supply.

The Church initially met at the West Hampden Meeting House, later called Liberal Hall. The people then purchased a church in 1878. As the number of members grew, so did the need for a bigger place to worship. On May 7, 1986, a new property was purchased just down the road and in July, 1987, the foundation of what is now West Hampden Baptist Church was laid. In August of 1989 the first meetings were being held in the new building.  

Throughout the history of the West Hampden Baptist Church,, the many people who called it their Church home have taken an active interest in its welfare and continued existence.  The basic tenets that the original twelve held continue today, and the Lord willing, will continue until His coming.